Copper Lights Tree Lamp



If you want a decorative LED night lamp that adds a touch of elegance and a dreamy glow to your home, you are in the right place. This lamp is designed to be a DIY décor piece, allowing you to create a personalized and unique display. It features a tree-shaped structure with copper wire.

The lamp is equipped with warm white LED lights, which emit a soft and cozy glow. These lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lamp also has a shiny metallic finish, adding a touch of elegance to the sophisticated design.

You can use this lamp as a room centerpiece in various settings, such as on your coffee table, nightstand, or dining room. It's designed to enhance the ambiance of your living space.

Adding a charming and whimsical touch to the room's ambiance, it's perfect for photography, creating cute and memorable photos.

The lamp makes for an excellent housewarming gift, or you can keep it for yourself to add a festive and decorative touch to your home. Its DIY nature allows for creative customization, and the warm white LED lights create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a lovely addition to holiday decorations and beyond. 


Material: Copper

Branch Wrapping Color: Silver

Item Dimensions: 24.4in tall

Item Weight: 11.3 ounces

Package Included: 1 x Christmas Tree Light, 1 USB Cable, 1 Switch Base